What Is the Best (Most Powerful) Nerf Gun?

N-Strike Elite RapidStrike CS-18

Large limit, great range.

Very difficult to recoup from a jam, very loud.


N-Strike Elite Retaliator

Good extend, extraordinary for close quarter battles.

Can jam, not very accurate


Demolisher 2-in-1

Long go, exact, strong, simple to utilize, customizable.

Very boisterous, requires batteries, rocket launcher is ungainly to use.


N-Strike Longshot CS-6

Long run, precise, strong, simple to utilize, adaptable, reloads very quickly.

Jams effectively, degree is useless


N-Strike Maverick

Fast stacking, exact, sturdy

Low limit, short range.


N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS 35 Blaster

:arge limit, light, quick fire on auto mode, exact at short range.

Long reload time, can stick, conflicting range.

$75 or more

N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25

Fast reload, enormous dart clip.

Jams effectively, not very accurate.



Fun to utilize, sturdy

can be hard to fire, not for the genuine gamer.


Rebelle Rapid Red

Good extend, light weight, quiet.

Jams often.



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