Urban Dictionary: deal with it

A state regularly utilized when somebody asks what/why another person is doing when befuddled, or moral is being referred to. The expression is then utilized as a reaction to additionally confound/pester the individual asking.

The state was transformed into an image however mlp:fim with the character rainbow dash who had a “manage it” not minding disposition at whatever point she put on arbitrary sunglasses that she would haul out of nowhere.

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A drinking game made by a townie named Fubar in


, USA. It’s quite simple to learn: Hand out a card to every player, the individual with the most noteworthy card drinks


or takes three tastes. Everybody shouts “manage it!” to the individual who needs to drink. Extraordinary approach to get alcoholic, incredibly quick. Simple to adapt, no contending over the guidelines like

Asshole the Card Game


Warning: May get old, fast.

Greg: We can’t concur on the principles for any drinking game, what will we do?

Fubar: I’ll make another, simple to learn game – it will be called deal with it

– – –

Group of individuals who didn’t pick the most noteworthy card: DEAL WITH IT!

– – –

Screaming Drunks: Deal with it!

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