Trump Toilet Brush Is Gaining Popularity…


on June 19, 2019


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  1. I want one with Obama. Or OJ.. Or MJ. Because I don’t like those. But that would be a no-no thing right? Right… thanks PC internets and social media for only going one way.

    • i love how easily offended the rights can get, while calling lefts snowflakes 🙂

    • Not offended, just mad at the current status quo… not calling anybody snowflake either.. yet.

    • Except none of those three had ridiculous hair that could be interpreted as a toilet brush. All of them are African-American, so I can guess the reason you selected them.

      Let me guess: you also like to claim that racism is over. It isn’t. It takes many forms. But it is always a system in which one race dominates another. And it ain’t the blacks who are in charge of the system.

    • Making a potus-like toilet brush is bad taste, period. As is a potus wiping his derriere with the law…

    • Everybody has the same freedoms and rights.. but also DUTIES. Maybe stop calling people blacks or whites and stop putting people in boxes of so-called privilege, self pity, hate and victimhood and actually put your best foot forward and build something together…

      And if you want one “race” to look at who dominates EVERY OTHER ONE, look at Asians. In every aspect. They’re smarter, faster, more industrious, richer, less criminal etc etc. than anybody.

    • Can you even locate Asia on a map?

    • Isn’t it that patch of land between Russia and Australia?

    • Including luminary states like North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan and so on.

  2. And to clarify, I didn’t like Obama mainly for going back on his promises (getting the soldiers back for one), OJ because who the fork likes murderers, and MJ because who the doublefork likes a person who’s very likely to have been didling kids.

  3. I think it’s kind of ironic that the people who buy this brush are almost certainly the same people who voted for the guy who created the mess(es) that Trump has been cleaning up for the past two and a half years. So I guess he might as well clean up after them too.

    • The only Trump that cleans up a mess is the one depicted above. The potus Trump is turning the USA into a lawless banana republic.

  4. I would expect such a thing to come from DPRK, not from the USA.

  5. this is almost as good as the Trump sanitary pads

  6. I flush my toilet with rightard tears.

  7. People are still butt-hurt about Trump? Jesus!

    • They will be as long as he drools in the WH.

    • Yep, and the way it’s looking they will still be butt-hurt in 2024…..

  8. I have to be reminded DAILY (if not every minute) just how horribly intolerant we are on the right like screaming/shutting down any chance of a DEBATE (insert ANY marxist university here); beating people in the streets (like the PantyFA), etc.

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