Top 50 Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings

Prediction: these entertaining fortune treat expressions will bring grins all around. You don’t have to include “in bed” to make them entertaining. Incur these amusing adages and short clean jokes on your supper visitors for a critical dinner. Giggling is the best dessert!

Funny Sayings:
Fortune Cookies, Group 1

1. A few days you are pigeon, a few days you are statue. Today, bring umbrella.

2. Your rude awakening going to bounce.

3. Astute individual never attempt to settle the score. Insightful individual get odder.

4. Two days from now, tomorrow will be yesterday.

5. Your feeling of inadequacy not sufficient. Attempt harder.

6. At the point when picked for jury obligation, tell judge “fortune treat say guilty!”

7. Quit eating now. Food contamination no fun.

8. You are shrewdly camouflaged as dependable adult.

9. Tomorrow at breakfast, listen cautiously: do what rice krispies let you know to.

10. Drive like heck, you will get there.

Short Clean Jokes:
Fortune Cookies, Group 2

11. Individual who eat fortune treat get lousy dessert.

12. Alright to take a gander at past and future. Simply don’t stare.

13. Insightful individual need either great habits or quick reflexes.

14. Soup was mystery family formula produced using frog. Expectation you liked!

15. You will before long have an out of cash experience.

16. Likelihood of being seen straightforwardly corresponding to ineptitude of act.

17. He who kicks the bucket with most toys, still dies.

18. Individual who lays on trees gets thistle in backside.

19. Practice safe eating. Continuously use condiments.

20. Individual who give self hair style after rice wine will be buzzed.

Funny Fortune Cookie

Sayings, Group 3

21. Two can live as economically as one, for half as long.

22. Difficult work pay off in future. Sluggishness pay off now.

23. Life is explicitly transmitted condition.

24. Give individual fish, he eat for day. Instruct individual to angle, he generally smell funny.

25. Individual who contend with moron is taken for fool.

26. Look before you jump. Or on the other hand wear parachute.

27. The end is close, should have dessert.

28. This fortune a whole lot of nothing. Attempt another.

29. Of all 27 options, fleeing is best.

30. Shut mouth assembles no feet.

Funny Sayings:
Fortunes, Group 4

31. Special night should resemble table: 4 uncovered legs, no drawers.

32. Shrewd spouse is one who reconsiders before saying nothing.

33. On console of life, consistently keep one finger on escape key.

34. You are going no place, however in any event way is interesting.

35. Hesitation is critical to flexibility.

36. Dijon vu – a similar mustard as before.

37. A day without daylight resembles night.

38. You are just youthful once, yet can be juvenile forever.

39. Be decent to companions. You may require them to discharge your bedpan.

40. The fortune you look for is in another cookie.

Funny Fortune Cookie
Sayings, Group 5

41. Legislators resemble diapers: change regularly, and for same reason.

42. Agnosticism no good times. No holidays.

43. Husky individual not terrified of statures – scared of widths.

44. You have propensity for stealing. Take something for it.

report this ad45. At the point when marriage banned, just criminals have inlaws.

46. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

47. The more seasoned you get, the better you were.

48. Age is significant expense to pay for maturity.

49. Hesitation is specialty of staying aware of yesterday.

50. A trick and his cash are soon partying.

Bonus: 10 More

51. On the off chance that from the start you don’t succeed, skydiving not for you.

52. Ninety-nine percent of all legal advisors give the rest an awful name.

53. Least demanding approach to discover lost article is purchase replacement.

54. Keen spouse purchase wife fine china. At that point she not confide in him to wash it.

55. Inside each old individual is youngster considering what the heck happened.

56. Experience is the thing that you have left when everything else gone.

57. Just contrast among trench and a grave is depth.

58. Everybody appear to be typical until you become more acquainted with them.

59. At the point when visually impaired driving the blind……..get out of the way.

60. Pressure is who you figure you ought to be. Unwinding is the kind of person you are.

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