Top 10 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle in 2019 – (Guide and Reviews)

Unlike how films and games portray airsoft killing, the game is very testing. This is the reason you have to have the best airsoft expert sharpshooter rifle to be up for the test. Airsoft expert rifleman rifles are getting modern with time and picking the best turns into a hard task.

They are frequently getting prominent because of reasons, for example, creature control. Creatures, for example, rodents and feathered creatures can be dangerous. An airsoft rifle empowers you to control them without affecting damage on them. Amusement is an explanation too as expert rifleman darlings get entranced to attempt new things. Peruse more to discover the privilege airsoft marksman rifle that is spending plan friendly.

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Comparison

Below is our rundown of ten top airsoft expert marksman rifles

The MB06 SR-2 barrel, lock, and valve are of metal while the stock and foregrip are of ABS. It has an exact, top notch mechanism.


It has a 500fps speed. It has comparative highlights to the well AWP rifle, which first associations and the British Army expert riflemen have been utilizing. Having same specs as a firearm which uncommon and military recognize makes it the best airsoft rifle.


It has an ergonomically structure for the stock and grasp, whose material is principally ABS. This makes it agreeable for the marksman to prepare or concentrate on the target.

The cheek rest is flexible. Its 20mm scope mount makes it simple to append or include a degree. Utilizations 6mm BBs.

One can utilize it to go for 100feer greatest. It accompanies multiple times rifle scope that one can interface with the highest point of the rail.

It has a Bi-unit that makes it simpler to utilize. Considering the firearm utilizes spring, it is anything but difficult to load and takes shots at a normal of 480- 500fps with 0.2gbb.

Highlighted features

  • Uses spring as the wellspring of intensity in this manner annihilates requirement for batteries and gas
  • Has up to multiple times zooming impact because of the multiple times rifle scope
  • It’s firing ranges among 450 and 500 fps, which make it powerful
  • Its exactness and consistency is improved making it the most precise airsoft expert rifleman rifle

  • ​Replacement or additional embellishments are accessible in the market at a reasonable price.
  • ​The stock is removable and good with other clips.
  • ​Adjustable stock.
  • ​Appealing look and exact shooting.
  • Strong and durable.
  • ​The ergonomics of the stock and hold makes it comfortable

  • ​It is costly for those transportation the gun.
  • ​Be enthused about client necessities since it is delicate ammunition weight.

Bottom line

This marksman has specs like a rifle that the military and unique associations have recently utilized. This makes it the best arrangement of sharpshooter rifles one can get in the market, along these lines it is the best expert marksman rifle for the money.

This BT59 has a gag speed of more than 400 with 0.20g BBs. With 0.25 BBs, you get a 350FPS gag velocity.


AWP L96 inspired the creation of this rifle. It has a 25 adjusts magazine limit. It additionally accompanies four sling mounts, mag, scope, and bipod. ABS makes the rifles body and the bounce on are customizable, and support wellbeing. One places the mag two crawls from the bipod. The bipod is unadulterated of metal

Since it utilizes spring, it needn’t bother with gas tops off or battery substitutions. This implies one needs to rooster for each shot.

The BT59 is smooth and has two screws that make it simple to amass. The rail mount is of high quality


It accompanies a bipod and extension. Likewise, it accompanies a sling and magazine. The BT59 has rails both at the top and base that permits one join the extension or bipod.

Highlighted features

  • This BT59 is an impersonation of L96 AWP airsoft marksman rifle
  • Its rails are at the top and base to permit appending the degree and bipod
  • It accompanies a sling, degree, magazine, and bipod
  • Uses spring in this manner kills the need to have batteries or gas
  • Does not ship to New York

  • ​The go is detachable.
  • ​Does not effectively break when it drops coincidentally, making it durable.
  • ​Reliable, lightweight precise and simple to assemble.
  • ​It is reasonable contrasted with the highlights extras and administration it accompanies making it the best modest airsoft rifleman rifle..
  • ​One can utilize it with plastic BBs.
  • ​The jolt is durable and without flaw since it isn’t excessively simple or too stiff.

  • ​For the gaming field, it may be unsatisfactory.
  • ​Some degrees probably won’t be solid enough.

Bottom line

Offers such a great amount for so less, it is hence best modest airsoft sharpshooter rifle in the market. It is best for tenderfoots or marginally encounters snipers.

It does well with 6mm BBs. It has a gag speed that reaches between 450- 460 FPS. It accompanies a magazine whose limit is 24 rounds.

BT96 accompanies an extension, rifle, speed loader, magazine, bipod, cleaning bar, sling and manual.

Using 25gram BBs brings down the speed to among 300 and 400. To change cuts, push the catch that is in the number one spot of the mag. The degree works fine, and the two sides of the weapon bolster ties. It is easy to gather as it accompanies a manual for guidance.


BT96 is reasonable and advantageous since it offers the highlights that the airsoft rifleman needs. Its highlights target improving ones shooting aptitudes. It is strong and open. It is a full metal expert marksman rifle. The bipod is of high caliber, however the extension might be linger behind. Consider supplanting the scope.

Highlighted features

  • This expert rifleman rifle accompanies a bipod, speed loader, scope, rifle, magazine, sling, cleaning pole and manual
  • Shoot with BBs of 6mm
  • Shipping of this rifle is restricted in Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Washington D.C.
  • Magazine limit of 24 adjusts utilizing 0.2g BBs of 6mm
  • Has a 44- inch length
  • It is of high-caliber, tough material
  • Comes with a manual

  • ​Comes with various accessories.
  • ​The firearm is of high quality.
  • ​Shots are accurate.
  • ​The gag is strong.
  • ​Shipping and conveyance is quick.
  • ​Has a 3-9X scope which guarantees an exact shot.
  • ​Comes with a manual that makes it simple to assemble.

  • ​The degree might be off, and the bi-unit connector may happen to be precarious, however not for all weapons. It is fitting to buy another scope.

Bottom line

This firearm is appropriate for children, or tenderfoots. The quality isn’t as great, and a few highlights may have shortcomings, in this way suits students best. Upon conveyance, a grown-up mark is mandatory.

Tac-6 uses gas, CO2 as its wellspring of intensity. The CO2 runs out after plus or minus of 20mags. CO2 and snap are both out on the ha

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