This Giant Polar Bear Sleeping Bag Turns You Into a Stuffed Animal

If there’s something we would all be able to concede to, it’s that there’s nothing superior to laying in your bed or on your lounge chair with around a thousand covers. We like to be comfortable, OK? Much to our dismay that the SnooZzoo exists. It’s essentially a goliath camping bed that makes you resemble a stuffed animal.

The SnooZzoo comes in various creature plans for the two children and grown-ups. We’re certain that children would get a kick out of these, however we’d contend that grown-ups would value them significantly more. Even better, you can arrange them on Amazon!

Polar Bear Sleeping Bag

Tiger Sleeping Bag

Panda Bear Sleeping Bag

Wolf Sleeping Bag

You have your decision of a polar bear, tiger, panda, and wolf. Since winter will be here before you know it, we particularly have our eye on the polar bear, however you truly can’t turn out badly. The camping cot is more than 6 feet tall and spreads your arms and hands, legs and feet, and even your head when you set up the hood, otherwise known as the leader of the animal.

People who have just purchased a SnooZzoo have taken to Amazon to rave about the hiking beds. “Completely love this!” one purchaser composed. “It is so warm, delicate, and comfortable!” That makes us rest easy thinking about the $169.95 sticker price, since we would already be able to advise that we’re never going to need to take this off.

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