The Tacticool Nerfer: The Nerf Nuke!

I was stumbling around the internet the other day, and I discovered a rather interesting product. Since it might be of interest to you, I decided to write a post about it. So here it is: my review of the

Nerf Nuke

, by ThinkGeek!


To start off with, I do not actually own this product. Neither have I gotten a chance to play with it. As such, this review is pure speculation.

Anyway, this nerf “gun” is marketed as “The Nerf weapon to end all Nerf wars!” Also, even though it’s made by an obscure company called ThinkGeek, I’m almost positive that it is licensed by Nerf. (See the little Nerf logos on the fins? the color scheme? the fact that they’re calling it “Nerf” instead of “foam-launching”?)

Here’s my guesswork about the Nerf Nuke:


  • Explosive! The website claims that the reverse plunger system is compact, yet fires darts up to 30 feet in all directions.
  • Launch system. This product comes with a high-powered, tripod-mounted launching tube that can apparently launch the Nuke up to forty feet away.
  • Capacity. The Nerf Nuke holds (and comes with) 80 old-school micro darts. I believe it will shoot any dart other than Streamlines, and it can most likely be modded to shoot those too.
  • Unique. To my knowledge, this is the only foam-launching toy that explodes.


  • Overpriced. I wouldn’t pay a hundred bucks (plus tax) for this. Would you?
  • Probably hard to set up. The website mentioned that the big red button on the front is used for both arming and “firing”. Crank it to arm it, push it to explode. I’m figuring on a lot of premature explosions while you’re setting it up. And that would make a colossal mess.
  • Reloading. Good luck getting your little brother to reload this.

That’s my two cents. What do you think? and would you buy it? Please tell me in the comments section.





Since creating this post, I have learned that this product sadly does not actually exist. Booooo!!! Turns out, the company, ThinkGeek, has a great (if not horribly mean) sense of humor, and every now and then they’ll “release” on their website an exclusive product that doesn’t exist at all. When you go to its page, it seems perfectly legit– until you try to buy it, then you get an “April Fools” message.

  So in summary, my excitement for this product was wildly premature. I’ve got my frowny face on now.


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