The Bierstick

Is the power of gravity no longer a proficient enough approach to get the brilliant refreshment of the divine beings down your throat sufficiently quick? It is safe to say that you are searching for an approach to impel that delicately carbonated intoxicant through your framework quicker? The solution to your supplications has been answered.

This is the Bierstick and it is the new time of Beer Bong innovation. Without a doubt, for some time we acknowledged that gravity was an awesome method to give brew a chance to slide directly in, yet circumstances are difficult and once in a while you need that additional push to traverse the 30 pack.

It’s produced using excellent materials, so pressure isn’t an issue. Sturdy enough for a slamming party, however dependable enough for Christmas supper with the family.

It fits 24oz of your decision fluid with simple fill and clean mechanics. Drink dependably, friends!


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