Surprise Your Friends With This Butterfly Card

Flying Butterfly Surprise Card


Cardstock paper

Popsicle stick


Strong wire

Hot stick stick

Hot stick gun

Jewelry plier set

Rubber band


1. Cut out the wings from the cardstock paper.

2. Cut a bit of the popsicle adhere to the size of the elastic band.

3. Apply heated glue to popsicle adhere and connect to large wings.

4. Curve wire into a U-formed snare. Trim off abundance wire and craft glue to the base of the popsicle stick.

5. Curve circle into another wire and twist 90 degrees to make a holder for the top wings to turn. Trim abundance and craft glue onto top of popsicle stick.

6. Squeeze wire together. Leave about ½” squeezed together and twist the remainder of the wire outward. Craft glue top wings to this wire. Trim abundance wire off.

7. Change points of top wings by turning them.

8. Slide elastic band to the center of the top wing wire. Draw elastic band through the top wire circle on the popsicle stick and lock to the base U-molded hook.

9. Turn top wings and spot into a card. on the off chance that butterfly moves in reverse, turn the wings the other direction.

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