Super Mario Odyssey guide: Cap Kingdom all power moon locations

There are two sorts of collectibles in each Super Mario Odyssey realm: control moons and mint pieces. In this guide, we’ll show you the areas of intensity moons in the Cap Kingdom.

Nintendo through Polygon

Power moons 1-11 are accessible before you finish the battle, while control moons 12- 17 are just accessible after your last encounter with Bowser.

1. Frog-bouncing over the Fog

  1. Use Cappy to assume control over a frog close to the extension that leads from the Odyssey.
  2. Head back toward your ship, and investigate the railing for two caps plunking down among the haze.
  3. Jump to the principal cap and afterward the subsequent cap.
  4. Jump over the question mark obstructs on the subsequent cap.
  5. Jump up again to uncover a concealed square.
  6. Jump onto the recently concealed square.
  7. Jump up from the concealed square to get the Frog-bouncing over the Fog control moon.

2. Frog-bouncing from the Top Deck

  1. Use Cappy to assume control over a frog close to the Odyssey and head to Central Plaza (where the shops are).
  2. Jump over the tallest cap in Central Plaza. (It’s the one with two caps over one another, in the southwest corner.)
  3. Jump from the highest point of that cap to get the Frog-hopping from the Top Deck moon.

3. Top Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

  1. At the finish of the scaffold that prompts Top-Hat Tower, toss Cappy at the scarecrow.
  2. Roll here and there the slopes on the scaffold. (Moving gives you the speed you have to arrive before the clock runs out.)
  3. Collect the Cap Kingdom Timer Challenge 1 power moon on the yellow stage toward the finish of the extension.

4. Goodbye, Captain Toad!


Climb to the highest point of Top-Hat Tower, and converse with Captain Toad to get the Good Evening, Captain Toad! control moon.

5. Shopping in Bonneton


Go to the yellow store in Central Plaza, and you can purchase the Shopping in Bonneton control moon for 100 coins.

Behind Top-Hat Tower

The next two power moons are behind a red cap entryway that is on the furthest side of Top-Hat Tower. Use Cappy to control the flying Goomba on the scaffold that prompts Top-Hat Tower, and fly your way around to its far side.

6. Skimming the Poison Tide

  1. Use Cappy to possess a flying Goomba, and gather the five power moon pieces. They’re all among you and the exit.
  2. Collect the Skimming the Poison Tide control moon on the stage inverse from where you entered.

7. Sneaking past the Poison Tide

  1. Use Cappy to occupy a flying Goomba, and fly underneath the stage at the most distant finish of the room (where you gather the Skimming the Poison Tide control moon).
  2. Fly through the messed up area of fencing.
  3. Turn around and jump onto the stages on the divider.
  4. Collect the Slipping through the Poison Tide control moon at the top.

On top of Top-Hat Tower

The red entryway over Top-Hat TowerNintendo

The next two power moons are situated behind the red molded entryway over Top-Hat Tower (which resembles a beacon to us).

8. Push-Block Peril


  1. Make your way through the whole course. (Watch how we did it in the video above. To put it plainly, time your bounces cautiously with the goal that you arrive on the squares either as they’re simply pushing out. What’s more, in the last salvo of blue push-squares, hold up until the one you’re remaining on underneath begins to move into the divider. At that point bounce onto the one above it that is pushing out.)
  2. At the finish of the stage, move to and fro between the two power hubs over the stage with the power moon.
  3. Hit ZL or ZR when you’re most of the way crosswise over to give up, arrive on the stage and gather the Push-Block Peril control moon.


9. Tucked away Among the Push-Blocks

This may be the most troublesome power moon to discover and gather in the Cap Kingdom. Here’s the way to do it:

  1. Make your way through the majority of the impediment course.
  2. Just before you get to the third part where you’ll have to get electric, stop on the yellow-orange stage, and pivot.
  3. The Hidden Among the Push-Blocks control moon is there, uh, tucked away among the push-blocks.

Inside the Frog Pond

The Frog PondNintendo

The Frog Pond is a room you enter from a red entryway molded like a cap simply off the northwest edge of Central Plaza.

10. Looking through the Frog Pond

There are constantly two power moons to gather in cap rooms. For the main, Searching the Frog Pond, you’ll have to gather five power moon pieces (and the areas are all in the display above).

11. Insider facts of the Frog Pond

To locate the subsequent power moon, Secrets of the Frog Pond, do the accompanying:

  1. Use Cappy to mind control a frog.
  2. Hop toward the northwest corner of the room. (It’s northwest of where you enter.)
  3. Jump onto the stages and head left until you see the two white moving stages with a major vertical divider between them.
  4. Jump over the huge vertical divider.
  5. Jump from the highest point of the huge vertical divider, pushing up with the goal that you enter the hallway cut along the divider.
  6. Inside of that passage, you’ll discover the Secrets of the Frog Pond control moon.

12. The Forgotten Treasure

  1. Speak to the NPC over the center cap in Central Plaza.
  2. Break the heap of wooden boxes behind the shops.
  3. Walk to the “restricted pathway that plunges into the haze,” which is off the side of Central Plaza (hindered by two wooden cartons).
  4. Check over “Glasses Bridge,” where you’ll likewise discover nothing. (It’s the scaffold driving back to the Odyssey.)
  5. Check over the “greatest slope,” which is by the Odyssey and will likewise not lead you to the power moon.
  6. Next, Cappy will guide you to that he “went toward the moon,” which is the thing that you ought to do. From the high slope, stroll toward the moon. It’ll lead you to the means on the slope that starts the scaffold.
  7. Ground pound the region to one side of the subsequent advance to gather The Forgotten Treasure control moon.

13. Taxi Flying Through Bonneton

At the northwest corner of Central Plaza, you’ll discover green binoculars to have. Take a gander at the moon until you see a

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