Steam Workshop :: Cappy Cap

This hat was worn by the red-clothed plumber that travelled through galaxies, just like you!

Enjoy this mod while playing Super Mario Odyssey!

=== New Ability! ===

This new hat can be thrown using the Ability button!

It will allow you to:

– CAPture enemies when throwing you hat at them!

– Collect Pons and Yarn for you!

– Bounce on it to get to high places!

PS: This mod is disabled while playing in Co-op.

=== Credits ===

Thanks to Camb0t for the wonderful Cappy 3D Model and to Chaofanatic for the amazing effects when Cappy is spinning!

A HUGE thanks to Hypatia for the beautiful Cappy icon! She’s a really talented artist that really deserves to be known more!

Here’s her Tumblr:

If you like this mod and want to see more, make sure to leave a comment below with bugs you find, or even ideas you have!


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