Spruce Mountain Christmas Tree Cutting

All openings for the 2019 Spruce Mountain Tree Cutting Registration are full.

The 2019 tree cutting occasion will be held Dec. 7, and cutting times will be 9 a.m., 11 a.m. what’s more, 1 p.m.

One tree and one vehicle for each enlistment will be allowed. 

Yes, there are a ton of pines and Douglas firs on Spruce Mountain, but a considerable lot of them are excessively packed and are intended to be thinned.  Here is an open door for you to have an extraordinary climb, locate your new, interestingly formed occasion tree to bring home to adorn, and give the remainder of the trees a lot of space to grow.

Participants are reminded:  

  • Hike times are at 9 a.m., 11 a.m. what’s more, 1 p.m. Show up 5-10 minutes before your held time, prepared to climb. The gathering will leave together.  If you show up after the expected time for your enrolled time, you will lose your booking slot.
  • Bring a saw
  • Dress for the climate – Footwear for the event (the north side of the mountain holds snow for a significant long time)
  • Have your tree endorsed by Open Space staff or volunteers before cutting
  • Select a tree that should be diminished (becoming excessively near others)
  • Make sure the tree is at any rate 20 feet from the trail
  • Cut the tree flush to the ground. On the off chance that the tree is somewhat tall, remove the rest of the part at the base and disperse the lower trunk.
  • Remember you should convey your tree back to the stopping zone, around 1/2 mile from the greater part of the cutting area.
  • Bring twine to hold your tree to your vehicle

This is a one-time opportunity. Apologies, no trees might be cut by general society at different occasions. Appreciate hot cocoa, juice, and treats when you return.

Directions to Douglas County Open Space at Spruce Mountain

From I-25, take the Larkspur Exit. Drive south on Spruce Mountain Road for around 6 miles; there ought to be a few vehicles left at the trailhead on the right. Use vehicles with sufficient freedom and footing in the event that we have much snow.


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