Snoozzoo Polar Bear Sleeping Bag For Adults

Unless you’re a outdoors junkie, your involvement in camping beds is most likely constrained to those peculiarly finished, crimped things you used to bring to sleepovers as a kid. Fortunately, they’ve made considerable progress from that point forward, and a ton of them currently take into account grown-ups who are still little children on a fundamental level (us). That is the reason we’re fixated on this Snoozzoo Adult Polar Bear Sleeping Bag For Adults ($170). Accessible on Amazon, this comfortable (and silly) camping cot essentially serves as a mammoth polar bear onesie (it’s measured to easily fit anybody under 75 inches, which is 6’3″ for those following along!). Not exclusively would you be able to utilize it to stay in bed, however you can likewise wear it as an outfit, an all-devouring cover while watching TV, or simply something you toss on to terrify your roommates every now and then. The potential outcomes are endless.


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