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  • SALE: 35º Sleeping Bag

    $182.00 $135.00

    Accessible while supplies last!

    These camping beds utilize a similar weight Lamilite protection as our Overbags, however without the internal zipper used to consolidate with a center hiking bed as a component of the FTRSS.

    Appraised at +35° F…

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  • 40º Sleeping Bag


    Accessible while supplies last!

    I had the option to purchase a lightweight tear stop nylon as of late at an entirely lucky cost. I had available a portion of the 5 ounce Lamilite, so I have knitted the nylon to the two sides of the Lamilite in a 8…

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  • CLOSEOUT: Royal Blue Sleeping Bags


    A year ago, because of a drop in offers of imperial blue ultra-light camping beds, I decided to end my acquisition of illustrious blue material. I sold out—or I thought I sold out—of the entirety of the sacks that were made with the imperial…

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  • Walk-Around Snow Suit (Convertible Sleeping Bag)


    On the off chance that you need total insurance from the chilly when you adventure out with the plausibility of having an issue, there is not much!

    I built up this item for the US Air Force and vacuum pressed it with Mukluks and…

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  • Antarctic › Mummy Style Sleeping Bag

    $395.00 $250.00

    A – 60° (F) pack. I accept the Antarctic model is the main – 60° pack made on the planet. The space midpoints 10 inches, and the weight for a normal length, wide body model is 6.5 pounds. The long/wide body gauges 7…

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