SCRAPBOOKING WITH M.E.: Flying Butterfly Card

We attempted another style card today it is simple yet looks confounded. Go along with us on our YouTube for the full instructional exercise. This we made up as we came lol. Expectation you appreciate. Every one of the connections to items we utilized just as the connection to the full instructional exercise are below.

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Card base is 8×6 score on each of the 4 sides at 1/2″, cut corners somewhat and overlap in and stick together as though you were making a pocket. 

Cut a bit of card stock at 5×7 and afterward a tangle for this at 4 3/4″x6 3/4″ stick these together. Measure in from each side (on short sides) 2″ and make an imprint with pencil. Roll in from the end 1/2″ make an imprint. Do this on both the short finishes. Interface the lines and this is the part that you will remove to make the opening.  

Your draw tabs are cut at 1/4″x8″ (2) and 1″x4 7/8″ (2) stick similar sizes together to make more grounded. Paste the short one as far as possible of the long one shaping a T

Stamp on your draw tab now before you go any further. Put a light pencil line on the base next to the draw tab and this is the spot you will stamp for the under neath stamp. 

Cut out your pieces for the top, butterfly, vehicle, pontoon, plane and so on. Paste the top on the card utilizing a non wet paste and afterward place your item on the force tab toward the end. Enrich as wanted and you are finished. 

Expectation you appreciate, E


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