Scary Halloween Masks

With the frightful faces of Freddy Kruegger, Jason, Michael Myers and Ghost Face you can easily become the grisly protagonist of your favorite horror film. Mask choices such as Werewolves, Skulls, Vampires, Devils and Witches will give you instantly the look of a classical Halloween horror favorite. Our very large selection of grossly morphed or gruesome, twisted as well as nasty faces will give you horror freaks plenty of options that are likely to scare the bejeesus out of all your friends.

Hannibal Masks, Skull & Bones Masks, Michael Myers Masks, Devil Masks and Werewolf Masks! Believe it or not, the wearing of scary masks is probably one of the most ancient parts of Halloween tradition. Thousands of years ago, very superstitious people in Europe believed that on All Hallows Eve the lines between the living and the dead were blurred and the spirits of the dead were allowed to roam the earth freely. Believing that some of these spirits were indeed evil and had designs on creating mischief or even mayhem, villagers would often dress up in masks and costumes in an effort to make their selves also appear dead or at least scary. These people believed that these efforts would at least keep the evil spirits away and this tradition became an annual ritual and an important part of the All Hallows Even celebration. Horror looks have always been associated with Halloween and although nowadays it’s common to see silly and pop culture looks as well as the frightful things while out trick or treating, horror looks will always be considered classically ‘Halloween’. If you are looking for an easy way to get a really frightening and scary look for your costume party or for a haunted house or spook alley, these masks are a great place to start.


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