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Create a snappy, cool veil from a paper plate and become your most loved hero – or a flying creature individual! Get innovative and transform yourself into anything you can imagine.

It’s a smart thought to have a grown-up help to cut the eye gaps or different shapes from the paper plate, however children will adore embellishing the veil in a wide range of looks.

What You’ll Need

Paper plate, 9 inch

Decorative things (make plumes, false diamonds, sequins, poms, etc.)

Elastic cording




Craft glue

Paper punch

How to Make Cool, Quick Masks

Step 1: Mark a line mostly down the back of a 9-inch paper plate. Position a couple of eyeglasses just underneath the line. Follow along the top and base of the glasses, and draw eye openings in the eye areas.

Step 2: Sketch a blueprint around the plate of what you need the veil to resemble. Painstakingly cut along the veil blueprint and eye openings. Paste enlivening things and trim to the front of the veil; let dry.

Step 3: Make a gap with a paper punch on each side of the veil near the edge of the plate. Cut a length of versatile cording to fit around your head, leaving in any event 6 inches extra. String the cording through each opening, and tie off on each side.

You can add a nose or mouth to any veil with a 6-3/4-inch paper plate.

Step 1: Cut the plate into equal parts, crease one piece fifty-fifty, and staple it together.

Step 2: Cut a 1/2-inch cut at the highest point of the nose bend on the veil plate.

Step 3: Run a globule of paste in this cut, and addition the edge of the collapsed plate into the cut. Prop the bill/nose against something to hold it set up until the paste sets.

Become somebody insane or sort of wacky with interesting face veils. Discover how to make them on the following page.

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