Pokemon Bulbasaur Planter Aurora Blue

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***For those of us without a green thumb, we included another artificial succulent alternative (see initial 5 pics) for the Small Bulbasaur. This new alternative comprises of a false succulent settled on a bed of saved moss.***

Introducing the Aurora Blue Bulbasaur!

What’s so uncommon about it? The manner in which we print it! “Jam Donut” – A New Way for Printing Two Colors

We thought of this 3D printing method that consolidates hues in another, progressive way. Via cautiously printing the external shell in green and the inward structure in blue, we can blend hues such that is just conceivable through 3D printing. The two hues are translucent enabling them to mix normally as light goes through. Sparkling splendidly when seen at different points, the gloss surface is a gesture to the holographic uncommon cards. With its delicate mix of blue-green shades and reflected features, this Bulbasaur is our tribute to a cherished Pokemon.

Pot dimensions:

Small – preparing space of about 1.6″ in distance across and 0.9″ top to bottom, reasonable just for seedlings.

Medium – preparing space of about 1.9″ in measurement and 1.1″ top to bottom, which is best for little succulents that have been in 2″ pots.

Outer dimensions:

Small – 2.67″ wide, 3″ long, and 2.5″ tall.

Medium – 3.15″ wide, 3.5″ long, and 3″ tall.

Which by the numbers, doesn’t appear to be a mess, however it’s certainly noticeable.

Photo takes note of: the initial 5 pics show the new discretionary fake succulent. The following scarcely any pics show Bulba with a genuine Sempervivum Red Heart succulent. The last pic shows our new LED stage that matches up to music.

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