Nerf Sniper Rifle

This is my awsome nerf expert marksman rifle.

the materials expected to manufacture it are recorded below.

– Longshot

– Longshot scope and clip

– 1 inch width 1 and a half foot long pvc pipe

– 2 jars dark shower paint

– 1 can dark shower paint

– concealing tape

– utility blade (optional)

– 2 pieces of cardboard

– time

–  clipsystem darts

– victim

First tape the positioning handle, buttstock lock, strap snare, and all other orange and yellow parts. put on the cardboard. paint the rest black.then paint the degree, pipe, and clasp dim. hold up till paint gets then take dry tape and utilize the other cardboard piece to hinder the dim paint from jumping on the dark and paint orange  and yellow parts gray.wait till its dry. at that point load it and go shoot someone.

(doesnt shoot far)

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