Nerf Nuke: ThermoNERFular Warfare – Nerf Gun Attachments

The Nerf Nuke: “ThermoNERFular War”

Mutually-Assured Nerf Destruction(MAND)

•  The Nerf weapon to end all Nerf Wars

•  Shoots 80 Nerf dashes in each direction.

•  Throw or utilize included powerful launcher.

$99.99 √ ThermoNERFular War

Here we have a Nerf Tactical Nuke. The Nerf Nuke is the apex of Nerf weaponry. Burden it with 80 darts and wrench the outfitting instrument. It uses a turn around plunger framework, so its range isn’t keeping pace with Elite class set up ranges. Yet, what other Nerf item fires an exacting volley of darts in all over? This froth dart warhead will fire shoots up to 30 feet every which way, so make a point to escape the way! Getting away from the impact sweep is simpler with the included Nerf Nuke Launcher. The Nuke Launcher is a tripod mounted, outside direct-plunger terminating framework. It can send the Nerf Nuke soaring ceaselessly up to 40 feet away, far enough to be out of scope of the Nerf dart fallout.

“When you have to end it, and end it quick, there’s no other decision than the Nerf Nuke!”

Safety Warning: Do not fire the NERF Nuke at people, youngsters, pets, wild creatures, trees, the old, faces, apparitions, or in restricted spaces. Continuously wear security glasses, knee cushions, and different types of protection.


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