Nerf Gun Mods: Get Maximum Range & Firepower From Your Blaster

You have a nerf firearm and you like it, however there’s continually something about it that makes you need to receive more power in return. Also, let’s be honest. The firearm is fit for firing further yet in light of a legitimate concern for wellbeing, Nerf consistently mitigates it. Yet, do you know with a tad of persistence and a few instruments, you can make the weapons all the more dominant and overwhelm individuals… like the one below.

From Beautifying to Range Boosting, These Are The Mods You Can Do

1. Drop in a Stronger Spring
this alone includes the most range

2. Expel the Air Restrictors
every blaster has them

3. Utilize Better Darts
adds 10- 15 feet range

4. Manufacture a Better Barrel
use PVC, PETG, or Brass

5. Paint Job
make it look awesome

6. Higher Voltage
(if your blaster utilizes batteries)

Start Here: The Best and Most Popular Range Boosting Mods

Replacing the stock spring and expelling the air restrictor are prevalent alterations since they have the most effect on run, and are genuinely simple to do with the presentation of Mod Kits. Since all that you need is accessible in these advantageous units, the main advance for you to do is establishment. You can learn increasingly about these packs and what blasters they are accessible for here. I additionally have an audit of OMW’s mod kits.

Why Should You Mod Your Blaster?

Modding achieves two significant things. For a certain something, your range will increment drastically. Consider the Nerf firearm you have. How far does it shoot? Your answer will presumably be among 15 and 35 feet Not terrible, yet envision that once you have all the power you need in that firearm, the darts flying twofold or even triple that length? It’s not incomprehensible. A few people have modded weapons to shoot well finished 100 feet.

The second reason identifies with the programmed firearms. At the point when you purchase a programmed rifle, it can clear a lot of 25 adjusts in around 7 or 8 seconds. Yet, what might it sound want to have the firearms void the 25 adjusts in only 3 seconds? In excess of 8 rounds for every second taking shots at an unfortunate casualty. That sounds cool, right?

Some individuals even take their manifestations and sell them for a benefit on eBay or other sale locales, so in the event that you’re hoping to make a couple of bucks as an afterthought, at that point it tends to be cultivated likewise doing this.

How Do I Mod a Nerf Gun?

It’s really simpler than most might suspect. There are three essential things you can do with practically any weapon available sold by Nerf. Make the spring more grounded, Removing air restrictors or modding the barrel, and supplanting it with a metal cylinder. Each of the three of these are finished with the expectation of placing more power in your shot so when you discharge a dart, it will go further. You likewise can make your very own darts, called “Stefans” to use.

PART 1: Stronger Spring

For this, you should unscrew the blaster and be certain not to lose them. Indeed, simply put them in a yogurt holder for safety’s sake (trust me they are exceptionally simple to lose). When you unscrew them all the shell, separate the shell parts. the inside stray pieces are there. You additionally will discover springs inside the pulling framework. In the CS-6 for instance, it is in the center. You can purchase a few 20 lb. springs that will significantly build the intensity of your shot. You may need to strengthen the weapon with PVC pipe thereafter in light of the fact that the kick will make the firearm considerably more dominant and you don’t need the firearm to self-destruct. At that point you simply supplant the screws and you’re good to go. Finding the spring on your firearm isn’t that difficult.

Higher pressure springs can be found effectively. There are a great deal of merchants now! OrangeModWorks is one, and they have a huge selection.

PART 2: Remove Air Restrictors

Air Restrictors are portions of plastic that take generally 50% of your vitality that you put into the shot and simply discard it. Take a drill, a since quite a while ago piece and a Phillips Head screwdriver. Unscrew the screws on the weapon again recollecting where they all go. Close to the center of the weapon once you expel the trigger on the CS-6 is a blocked space within a cylinder that resembles a turret. The contrary side will have a needle pointing around 2/3 of the path outside the cylinder. Drill out the needle part and you will have no limitations reporting in real time, permitting shots more remote than you at any point thought conceivable. Make sure to reassemble the gun.

Every blaster is unique so the air restrictor will here and there be in an alternate area. As a rule it is effectively recognized. Here’s an image to show you the when expulsion of the air restrictor in the Zombie Strike Hammershot.

a direct perspective on the air restrictor on the Hammershot, with it expelled in the correct picture. Cool! (Source:

PART 3: Modding Barrel

This is basic truly. The majority of the barrels are made of modest plastic and don’t hold in air. By taking a 17/32 inch metal barrel that gives a superior fit to your darts, will take into account more development of air behind the dart, which produces more power and further shots! Simply take out the barrel and supplant it with a metal one. This should be possible in about 15 minutes.

A metal barrel mod for the Longshot. This was finished by

While metal is the best, some modders don’t utilize it. Here are a few other materials you can use.

PART 4: Creating Stefans (Homemade Darts)

A nerf dart is generally made out of 1/2″ Foam Backer Rod. Get a 20 foot sack at your neighborhood tool shop and prepare to have your mind blown. You have 20 feet of “darts”, aside from you have to place a gap in them. So cut appropriate dart length for every one (you’ll get about 75 in each pack). Trim and fix them by utilizing a hair dryer and a pillowcase. Give the hair dryer a chance to run for 1-2 minutes and shake the pillowcase, and let them cool.

Next, utilizing a paste firearm (don’t include any paste yet) cut gaps in the top at the inside, put a BB in and afterward stick over the BB to top it off. In about 30 minutes, you’ll have 75 of these well made.

A heap of custom made darts! Source:

PART 5: Paint it

While a few people like the way Nerf firearms look all without anyone else, others need to alter their weapons to look modern or just modified to their character. Many individuals are taking to applying decals, paint and different intends to tweak their Nerf firearms. It’s not as normal as the exhibition based hacks yet it’s a developing piece of the modding network. It’s likewise the more perceptible ones since certain individuals paint astounding themes!

Here’s one of the many being sold on eBay! The market for them has detonated on account of cosplay occasions like comic-con.

PART 6 (if pertinent): Higher Voltage

This is another mod yet it isn’t as basic as the over one (way off the mark) that being said it takes a touch of understanding yet you can do it in an evening in the event that you have the assets accessible. You can make a quick discharge move weapon, one that has a chain style stacking belt and increment the voltage on the firearm by including bigger battery packs (the sort in remote control vehicles and vessels). This requires some wiring experience yet once applied it can build your rounds every moment to up to 500. Be cautious however, a few people have liquefied their firearms doing this, no kidding!

Ready to Get Started?

Modding Nerf Guns and making your own darts are brisk and simple approaches to take advantage of your weapon, and whether you need to shoot further or sell them, modded firearms are popular, so whichever way you win!

The most straightforward approach to get in on this activity? A a mod pack! So look at my OMW mod units review, and see what they are all about.

Have fun!


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