Misfortune Cookies – Give the Gift of Fortune Cookies With a Dark Twist

Everybody loathes fortune treats. It’s true.

The little, separately wrapped “treat” treats that come after a delightful Chinese nourishment supper are gross. They as a rule have an aftertaste like a blend of cardboard and some kind of wheat that presumably terminated in the late 1890s.

The just advantage of fortune treats is you get the chance to haul out a little fortune… which generally sucks.

“Oh, hello you’re life is a blossom… blah… yakkity yak… “

“Smile at the universe and… boo… hoo… bleh.”

“The future is boundless for blip… bloop… bleep.”

Shut up fortune treat. You’re so irritating, individuals had to make them fun by including “in bed” as far as possible of their fortunes just to liven things up.

Well, not anymore.

Introducing: Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies.

Pechkek saw the wretchedness, torment, and frustration that fortune treats offered to the world and chose to discover an answer for the problem.

The answer? Preposterously silly, dim and turned fortunes inside the most heavenly treats your little taste buds have ever had the joy of enjoying.

Now, rather than claiming to like exhausting old fortune treats since you believe it’s what you’re “assumed” to do, you can huck those terrible young men directly off the table.

Heck, you can lift one up, toss it on the ground and squash it with your foot, at the same time shouting “IT’S TIME TO BUST OUT PECHKEKS! WE NO LONGER LIVE UNDER THE TYRANNY OF THE FORTUNE COOKIE!”

Misfortune for that old, awful treat – yet a success for you, and your guests.

“Oh, how novel!” your visitors will remark, as they’re welcomed with a black package which contains a dark treat and an out of the blue piercing, amusing and horrifyingly precise fortune.

“Oh, my! What a night, this Pechkeks Misfortune Cookie is such a great surprise!”

These treats are the ideal cure to the flat, old drivel. It’s your go to kick up your dinner party a notch.

Here are five different ways you could utilize these treats, to own a striking expression to the world:

Breakfast dessert. The truth is out, hombre. Pastry at breakfast. It is anything but a thing, however learn to expect the unexpected. You simply made it one. Presently everybody believes you’re a virtuoso. Also – the hardship inside every treat gives the entirety of your visitors a chance to begin their day with a snicker. Win.

Tips. Envision, rather than tipping somebody with a buck or two, you give them an adversity treat. Heavenly, hellfire! You’ve transformed the universe of tip into an energizing, powerful road for enjoyment!

Snacks. Ain’t no one eating customary fortune treats for snacks. Why? They suck. With Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies, you’ll need to keep a bag or two of these terrible young men with all of you the time, for the taste as well as for that exquisite hit of dopamine when you read the fortune, and your mind ponders internally, “Hellfire no doubt, baby!”

Stocking Stuffers. Christmas comes yet once per year, make that wake-up routine of rifling through an old sock progressively important and engaging by filling it to the overflow with dark setback tastiness.

Bribes. See, how about we get down to metal tacks. You need individuals to do stuff for you. Pay them off in Misfortune Cookies. They will either super value it or be startled. In any case: you get them to do what you want.

Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies are the treat you’ve been searching for… or in the expressions of Pechkek himself, “Purchase these or you will most beyond words 100 years.”

“The fortune you look for is in another cookie. A Black Cookie.”

– Jackie Chan


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