Industrial Floor Lamps – Caged, Edison Bulb Floor Lamp Designs

Industrial Floor Lamp Design Basics

For a look that’s hot right now but rooted in the past, it’s hard to beat the industrial floor lamp. Despite being called
industrial, these floor lamps add a warm, homey feeling to your space. Inspired by factories, foundries and other heavy
industry locations, these designs often feature rust and deep bronze finishes, and stylistic details such as cages, gears
and Edison bulbs. In this regard, the look has a vintage feel with a fresh, urban edge. For a more elegant take on the
industrial style, look for designs in brass and brushed steel. No matter which finish you choose, the warm light and inviting
glow of an industrial floor lamp is ideal for creating a comfortable yet stylish look around the house. If your mind is
set on buying an industrial floor lamp, then the next step is to figure out how high your lamp should be. If you’re using
it as a task lamp, the shade should be at or below eye level. If, however, you want the lamp to provide general lighting,
go for a taller lamp. For more tips like this, read our guide, How to Buy a Floor Lamp.


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