How To Chug A Beer


I used to be one of those individuals who couldn’t chug a brew if my life relied upon it. Brew bongs were NOT my companion and I would consistently come up short at life when attempting to do them. Lager would spill all over my face and I would resemble a rookie at each party.


This came along.

Not exclusively does this awful kid decimate lager bongs yet it likewise is substantially more smooth. I CAN NOT open my throat like everybody guides me to do. Be that as it may, the Bierstick does everything for you. Actually, you should simply push it against a divider or a companion at your own speed.

See this current chick….that’s 24oz of turned tea or some other god neglected sugary juice. She ain’t frightened. What’s more, take a gander at the fella in the back with the, “its absolutely impossible this expansive is doin’ this,” look all over. Little do you folks know, she did this easily and the gathering went crazy.

This has helped me and numerous others that can’t chug. I trust this will help you also. The Bierstick is changing the manner in which we drink and it bests any lager bong out there.

These folks in the video are quite great at it. LOL 


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