Grizzly bear sleeping bag by artist Eiko Ishizawa goes on sale for £1,500

A hold on for a wheeze head: Sleeping pack intended to resemble a grizzly goes marked down for £1,500 

  • The ultra-reasonable bear hiking bed is high quality by craftsman Eiko Ishizawa
  • Each of the £1,500 two meter tall camping cots is made utilizing artificial fur 
  • Eiko said she was enlivened subsequent to hearing the tale of a German bear
  • The bear meandered over the fringe into Germany and was shot dead 

By Darren Boyle for MailOnline

Published: 10:20 EST, 26 November 2015 | Updated: 10:23 EST, 26 November 2015

This is the ultra-sensible bear hiking bed which will undoubtedly unnerve the life out of any clueless accomplice.

It is relevantly called ‘The Great Sleeping Bear’ and is probably going to be on the highest point of numerous Christmas records – in spite of its £1,500 value tag. 

Dutch craftsman Eiko Ishizawa made the astonishing camping bed in the wake of being propelled by the account of a genuine bear called Bruno.

The ultra-reasonable bear hiking bed has been made by Dutch craftsman Eiko Ishizawa 

The suit is two meters long and is made completely of artificial hide… so no creatures were hurt in its creation

Eiko stated: ‘I was enlivened by the news in Bavaria 2006. The news was about the primary wild bear to show up in the Bavarian mountains in 170 years. Initially, this bear was living with different bears in a nature reservation in Italy, yet he began meandering and crossed nation outskirts into Bavaria.

‘This occurrence evoked gigantic exchange out in the open and government. At last, they chose to chase him down. I was keen on this beginning stage of this grievous story; this bear was producing a lot of press. So as to reproduce such fantasies, I have made a sensible bear as a resting bag.’

The extravagant camping cot is made of warm false hide and incorporates a comfortable hood. It is two meters long and when a request is put, Eiko will make each camping bed by hand.

The bear hiking bed began showing up on the net in 2009, with recharged prevalence in the previous barely any weeks – maybe because of the cold weather. 

According to Eiko, she was enlivened to make the hiking bed by the account of a genuine bear in Bavaria 

Each of the bear hiking beds is made by hand and has an extremely comfortable hood to keep out the cold



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