Fun, witty, and devilish pack of 10 funny fortune cookies.

Wreak enthusiastic devastation on your companions with these off-the-divider fortunes.

Unfortunate Fortune Cookies

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Fortune treats hold so a lot of guarantee, however expectations like, “An energizing open door lies ahead,” do not merit the paper they’re imprinted on. Enter Vat(******************************’s) Unfortunate Cookies.

Each pack incorporates ten fun, clever, and marginally threatening fortunes that will be a certain fire hit at your next magnificent occasion. Supplant conventional fortunes, for example, “An exciting time is in your quick future,” with unadulterated enchantment like, “You just ate cat”.

Each flavorful treat is independently wrapped and the whole set is bundled in a customary white Chinese takeout box. Box incorporates ten treats with ten distinct expressions.

  • Includes 10 delightful fortune cookies
  • Phrases are amusing, clever, threatening and PG-rated
  • Packaged in a plain white Chinese takeout box

Traditional fortune treats highlight such conventional and insipid forecasts that we felt the time had come to zest them up. Shocking Cookies are interesting, sharp, and to some degree disturbing. They’re additionally tasty.

Unfortunate Fortune Cookie has a funny fortune cookie saying.
Unfortunate Cookies are a bit more upsetting than your conventional fortune cookie.

Unfortunate Cookies look and taste precisely like those found in Chinese cafés on the grounds that they are made by a similar organization that provisions those delightful take-out joints.

So, in case you’re arranging a little trick, Unfortunate Cookies won’t baffle. Nobody will get onto  your evil until they read their exceptionally awful fortune.

Unfortunate Cookies look and taste just like regular fortune cookies.
Unfortunate Cookies look and taste simply like ordinary fortune cookies.

Spoiler alert: If you’d prefer to see the present lineup of Unfortunate Cookie expressions, click the picture underneath. On the off chance that you’d lean toward the substance of every “fortune” to be an astonishment, don’t tap the picture below.

However, we can guarantee you that the entirety of the substance is appraised PG-13 or lower. We have kept away from foul language, sexual topics, and savagery. That being stated, they unquestionably aren’t exhausting, idiotic, or lame.

Each set of Unfortunate Cookies incorporates ten bothersome phrases.

If you will likely fool your partygoers into opening a fortune treat with a threatening, yet 100% family-accommodating fortune inside, you positively don’t need it bundled in a case with an immense “THESE ARE PRANK FORTUNE COOKIES” sticker gazing you in the face, isn’t that right? Obviously you don’t. That is the reason Unfortunate Fortune Cookies are bundled precisely like customary fortune cookies.

Your ten Unfortunate Cookies are independently wrapped and bundled inside a plain white takeout box.

Unfortunate Cookies are 10 funny fortune cookies packaged in a plain white Chinese Takeout box.
Unfortunate Cookies are bundled in a plain white Chinese takeout box.

Question: So, do I get ten unique maxims for each set?

Answer: Yes. There are ten one of a kind adages for each set. Be that as it may, each set incorporates a similar ten maxims. Acquiring two sets won’t bring about your accepting twenty distinct expressions. Or maybe, you will have two every one of ten fortunes.

Question: What in the event that I choose to not look at the colloquialisms and, at that point choose they’re dumb after I buy them?

Answer: We find that situation amazingly difficult to accept. Be that as it may, because of the idea of nourishment items, we can’t acknowledge returns on this thing. In this manner, in case you’re excessively worried about the substance of the adages, we recommend that you take a look preceding purchasing.

Question: What do they taste like?

Answer: Unfortunate Cookies taste precisely like the fortune treats you would discover at any Chinese nourishment restaurant.

Question: So, everything you did was thought of certain truisms and have a fortune treat organization placed them into a container? Would I be able to simply do this myself?

Answer: Technically, truly, we built up the colloquialisms and contracted a fortune treat organization to play out the customization. So as to make the costs sensible, we bought a huge number of treats. Along these lines, while you could do this without anyone else’s help, you couldn’t do it for what we’re charging. Sorry on the off chance that we sound snarky, however we’re simply keeping it real.

Question: Aren’t you (Vat19) composing these FAQs? For what reason would you in any event, raise the past question?

Answer: We’re more moronic than we look?

Question: Can I tweak the platitudes? Imagine a scenario where I purchase, similar to, twelve sets?

Answer: We can’t play out any customization. Sorry! You’re left with our expressions. Be that as it may, they’re marvelous. In this way, simply click that “Add to Cart” fasten and make the most of your Unfortunate Cookies.

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