Foam-Filled Toy Nukes : Nerf Nuke

Look no further for a definitive Nerf fight finishing weapon, the Nerf Nuke is here. Nerf firearm fights are a huge amount of fun, and a wide scope of Nerf weapons from guns to bows are accessible. It’s been difficult to acquire only one weapon that will turn the Nerf fight on it’s head, as of recently.

The Nerf Nuke is the most mind boggling and crushing Nerf weapon out there. It fires 80 Nerf darts at a terrifying scope of 40- feet away. Your rivals won’t have the option to get away from the impact range.

The toy itself is nuke formed and utilizes the turn around plunger framework to fire the darts. You can fire it from the shoulder or purchase a Nerf Nuke launcher. The launcher utilizes a tripod framework and can dispatch the “nuke” about 40- feet away.


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