Easy Butterfly Card: DIY Pop-Up Tutorial

Ah, the sun is sparkling at the beginning of today and I’ve just observed the initial barely any butterflies! Furthermore, I’m so eager to share my new spring up card structure with you! I made this card for each one of the individuals who are anxious to attempt a spring up card however are somewhat scared by the brilliant apple tree spring up card I posted prior. My spring up butterfly card is a lot quicker to slice and easier to gather than my tree.

This spring up card is ideal for Mother’s Day, summer birthday events, and all butterfly lovers. The thing I love about this butterfly card is the manner by which the wings shudder delicately when there’s any development, regardless of whether that is simply opening the card, grasping it, or from a little breeze. Here’s a video of the butterfly card’s wings in action:

My butterfly card packs a major effect without being hard to cut or assemble. This card is additionally measured little (just shy of 5″ x 7″) so it’s anything but difficult to blessing and send via the post office. Additionally, if butterflies are your thing, I drew my butterfly structure from a genuine Monarch butterfly for sensible wings!

My spring up butterfly card can really be collected in three unique manners—as a  simple “flutterby ” (without wing color), a dream rainbow butterfly (with one-piece wing color), or as a conventional Monarch butterfly (with pieced wing color). I’ve made a video which shows every one of the three renditions, just as get together guidelines for every one. The Monarch butterfly with the pieced wing shading is the most confused (and even that is truly easy).

Here’s the get together video in the event that you need to perceive how everything goes together.

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DIY Pop-Up Butterfly Card Materials

For all variants, you’ll need the accompanying materials.

For the dream rainbow butterfly, I utilized a multi-shaded paper for the wing shading. This is what it looks like:

For the Monarch butterfly, I utilized dark (3 sheets), yellow (1 sheet), orange (1 sheet), and white (1 sheet)— which was all Core’dinations cardstock. The wing pieces were cut using the document named with those particular colors.

You can get the free SVG/DXF/PDF documents for the spring up butterfly in my free asset library— in the event that you don’t have a secret phrase to it yet, buy in to my blog (I convey a cordial letter with venture updates weekly) and I’ll send you the secret key (simply round out the structure at the base of this post)

There are nine documents for this undertaking, as follows:

  1. butterfly-card-jennifermaker-SVG – this might be the just a single you need, as all parts are in it but stacked over one another (best for Cricut owners!)
  2. butterfly-card-backs – cut 1 on dark card stock (or purple card stock for rainbow butterfly)
  3. butterfly-card-left – cut 1 on dark card stock (or purple card stock for rainbow butterfly)
  4. butterfly-card-right – cut 1 on dark card stock (or purple card stock for rainbow butterfly)
  5. butterfly-card-orange cut 1 on orange card stock (for ruler butterfly only)
  6. butterfly-card-yellow – cut 1 on yellow card stock (or dim purple card stock for rainbow butterfly)
  7. butterfly-card-white – cut 1 on white card stock (or light purple card stock for rainbow butterfly)
  8. butterfly-card-wings – cut 1 on twofold sided vivid paper (for rainbow butterfly only)

Attention Cricut Design Space Users: If you transfer the SVG record and it shows up excessively little (the dark square shapes alongside the butterflies ought to be 5.9″ tall), utilize the document in the “stacked” organizer to hold the best possible sizing.

If you have any issues with estimating, here is an outline that shows the size of each arrangement of components for this card:

Time to Make: 1 hour

Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Finished Size: 5″ x 7″ collapsed card

How to Make the Pop-Up Butterfly Card

First, cut out your cardstock for the form you wish to make (audit my video connected above to see each of the three variants). On the off chance that you utilize a Cricut, I prescribe you cut on a clean StandardGrip mat on the cardstock setting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don’t know how to transfer a SVG record to Cricut Design Space, or you’re having issues, (for example, getting a message that says “unsupported document”), if it’s not too much trouble watch my free preparing arrangement, SVGs Made Simple. It will support you SO much!

Here is my spring up butterfly card configuration transferred to Cricut Design Space. Try not to stress over what it looks like here — every one of the layers are in there. Note that no ungrouping, joining or scoring is fundamental in this plan. Simply click that green Make It catch and you’re great to go!

You can ungroup all components and sort out them for better perceivability, in the event that you wish. Here’s the manner by which I would suggest you arrange them on your canvas. (Note: I used to convey my record thusly, yet an element update to Cricut Design Space currently anticipates this.)

Here’s what a portion of the butterfly pieces resemble after you cut them on your Cricut. Note: If you’re having issues cutting the multifaceted butterfly pieces, it would be ideal if you look at my Cricut Cutting Problems (and Solutions) for approaches to improve your cuts!

If you are collecting the basic variant, simply space the two parts of the butterfly together and fold the external card over them. Utilize splash glue to stick the square shape sections of the opened butterflies to the external card, simply be mindful so as not to get any cement on the wings.

If you are collecting either the dream butterfly or the Monarch butterfly, your initial step is to put glue on the backs of the opened butterfly wings. Set them down as appeared beneath and splash them well, at that point give them about 30 seconds before the next step.

Place the inward square shapes on the square shape segments of the opened butterfly wings, being mindful so as to focus them through and through and not overlap on the body of the butterfly.

Now place the wing shading piece(s) on the opened butterfly wing. In case you’re going for the dream rainbow rendition, you’re utilizing one full wing addition piece.

The Monarch butterfly utilizes six pieces, which all fit together like a riddle. As you place the pieces on, check to ensure you’re covering every single open region. Press down well once in position. Rehash for the other wing.


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