Donald Trump Toilet Brush. The Original Commander In Crap™

“Simply Grab them by the handle…for those intense cleaning jobs.

Make Your Toilet Great Again™!

“No president has had a can brush like my latrine brush!”

“I am consequently pulled in to can bowls, I simply start cleaning, I simply kiss, I don’t pause and when you’re a can brush they let you do it.”

*The Original Commander In Crap™ Toilet Brush

*15 inch Brush with Holder

*Hands genuine size

*May seem helpful when scouring the rim

* For outer use only


“NOTE: International Orders- – for those requesting to a location outside of the United States- – it would be ideal if you include give your email and telephone number. This is to accelerate the procedure a little with customs, on the off chance that they have to get in touch with you about this delivery. Much obliged to you!


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