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Summer is hear with all the fun hues, delicious foods grown from the ground thoughts! So I’m beginning my mid year make with these reused Bulbasaur grower. I have huge amounts of plastic cola bottles destroyed in my store room (I LOVE coka-cola!) and was trusting that an overly fun thought will hit. I’ve seen reused plastic jug grower all over! In spite of the fact that it’s the same old thing yet reusing plastic containers for plants appeared to be a success win sly thought. I get the opportunity to reuse extra materials and furthermore get the chance to plant something in it.

Besides, this specialty task can motivate children to reuse. That is to say, who wouldn’t love to have a Pokemon grower! I’ve just made a rundown of all grass Pokemon characters. I’ll be reusing one container into a Pokemon character at a time!


  • Coka-cola plastic bottle
  • Marker pen
  • X-acto knife
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Colored create papers (counting white)
  • Craft glue

So, what are you hanging tight for! Get some left over cola plastic containers and get crafty!


Step 1

First of all, gather a plastic cola bottle; wash, spotless and dry it before beginning with the art venture. I utilized a 500 ML coka-cola bottle. Next, decide the tallness for the Bulbasaur grower. Utilize a marker to follow the ears and the top finish of the head for the Bulbasaur on the plastic container, at the decided height.

Step 2

Use a x-acto blade to remove the followed example by cutting along the followed line. Be cautious in this progression as the state of the grower for the most part relies upon how flawlessly you’re cutting the bottle. 

Step 3

Prepare the acrylic paint to coordinate the shade of Bulbasaur. I blended white, blue and green acrylic paint; continued including and blending the hues until I was happy with the shade. Paint and spread the whole external surface of the pattern bottle. When the canvas is done enable it to dry. 

Step 4

Instead of painting the eyes and different highlights of Bulbasaur legitimately on the container, I painted them on customary white paper and afterward cut them out. I’m not truly adept at painting on stunning surface, thus this system! Draw and paint the eyes on white paper and cut out 3 irregular triangular examples with round edges from green art paper for the examples on Bulbasaur’s head.

Step 5

Take the painted Bulbasaur plastic container grower and stick the readied yes and different examples on it.

Step 6

Use a dark marker pen to draw different highlights; the nose and the mouth and the fangs.

There! Include soil blend and afterward put your preferred plant to the soil. 

Please share and spread!

Have a magnificent sly day!


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