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♥ Process:

We convey arranges direct from China, Guangzhou City. We have a multi day request preparing time. In this time we at that point put in a request from our providers who send the request to our operator and afterward straightforwardly to you. This procedure encourages us give the most ideal retail cost to our clients. This multi day preparing time is remembered for our transportation times.

♥ Free Shipping:
As you would already be able to tell, we dont have general delivery cost wich you have to pay at checkout. All things as of now incorporate delivery spends so you dont need to stress over some other additional costs above that. ♥ Delivery time: 
USA and Other nations 15 – 30 working days
UK 10 – 25 working days
Note: Chinese’s New Year 27 jan – 15 feb (occasions) time of requests delay♥ Other helpful info:
–  For insurance purposes, a few things will be sent by single bundle  We can’t send any battary with request, so in case you’re requesting light or watches – battary wouldn’t be incorporated  If request is greater then 2KG it will be devided to parts and dispatched as bundles with different following numbersSpecial:For discount offers please contact us.


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I’m Walter, and I’m a big fan of all things related to gadgets for the home.