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Why are you wearing a cover? Is it accurate to say that you were scorched by corrosive or something to that effect?

Man in Black:

No, it’s simply that they are frightfully agreeable. I figure everybody will wear them later on.

Anyone who routinely covers in any event half of their face is probably going to be at the top finish of the individual power scale. Ongoing hallucinations and kabuki-style cosmetics likewise tally. Regularly worn by The Faceless.

Almost prototypical for Super Hero characters. In anime, these are standard issue for Char Clones.

Humongous Mecha as often as possible increase a cover (over their mouth in any event) when combining or entering a Super Mode.

Note this just applies to significant characters. Mooks in veils are in a special subcategory, however are still Mooks underneath.

A Super-Trope to Coat, Hat, Mask (consolidating this with a cap and Badass Longcoat), Malevolent Masked Men, Hockey Mask and Chainsaw (loathsomeness Shout-Out joining Chainsaw Good), Mask of Power.

A Sister Trope to, and frequently matched with, Nice Hat.

Compare Superheroes Wear Tights.


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    Anime and Manga 

  • The Glittering Crux Brigade from Star Driver is for all intents and purposes worked around this figure of speech. Their veils even let them pilot Humongous Mecha.
  • Juliet of Romeo X Juliet, as a major aspect of her magnificent, cross-dressing vigilante change conscience, The Red Whirlwind.
  • Lan Fan and Fuu from Fullmetal Alchemist wear covers, and they’re first class ninja guardians of a sovereign. Lan Fan specifically appears to feel shaky without her veil on.
  • Ichigo and the Vizards from Bleach can discharge their Hollow capacities by emerging Hollow veils.
  • Fist of the North Star gives us three scalawags in cool veils: Jagi◊, Souther◊, and Kaioh. The first and third scalawags have clear reasons for wearing covers (Jagi to conceal his distorted face, and Kaioh as a major aspect of his Battle Aura– containing protection), while Souther just wears one to look threatening.
  • Several of the cast of Naruto (most quite Kakashi)
  • Arshes Nei in Bastard!!, however it rapidly falls off.
  • Vampire Hunter D. No cover, however the shadow of his cap now and again delivers a similar impact.
  • Pizza the Zonderian from GaoGaiGar.
    • By expansion, Sixth Ranger Soldat J. At the point when he gets refined and makes his Heel–Face Turn, his mecha winds up being in any event multiple times the size of the greatest Yuusha Robos.
  • Char Aznable and his imitators from the different Gundams. Scorch wore his Cool Mask so he could penetrate the Zeon Military (The clarification he provided for the Zeon Military was that he expected to keep his eyes secured for some therapeutic explanation), and get vengeance upon the Zabis. Kycilia Zabi frequently wears a veil for reasons that go totally unexplained.

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