Commander in crap: Donald Trump toilet brush making bathrooms great again

He may be the President of the United States of America, however others have discovered a splendid use for Donald Trump.

Dubbed the Commander In Crap, unique Donald Trump latrine brushes are being offered online to Kiwis in the expectation of making the can bowl new and incredible again.

The ever-well known brush includes a fitting of Trump’s face, his blue suit and red tie, and a somewhat shaggy variant of his awesome blonde hair.

The brush, which is being sold on says the thing has a “15- inch brush with holder” while the portrayal recommends “Trump may seem valuable when cleaning the rim”.

“Make Your Toilet Great Again! No president has had a Toilet Brush like my Toilet Brush!” the merchant wrote.

“I am naturally pulled in to latrine bowls, I simply start cleaning, I simply kiss, I don’t pause and when you’re a can brush they let you do it.

“Simply Grab them by the handle … for those extreme cleaning jobs.”

The administrator in poop brush is accessible for $NZ36, with transportation hindering you another $35.

The item has gotten various five-star evaluations, with fans raving about the product.

“LOVE this cool and one of a kind thing. Anticipating gifting it at Xmas,” one said.

Another stated: “What would i be able to state about the Commander In Crap? He’s amusing! I’m trusting that my can will get *really* sickening before I use it.”


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