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Cappy’s work of art for Super Mario Odyssey



キヤツピー Cappy?

) is an accomplice character presented in

Super Mario Odyssey

. He helps


in an assortment of ways all through the game. He is the more established sibling of


and collaborates with Mario to protect his sister. He replaces Mario’s top throughout game.


Physical depiction

Cappy’s default structure is an enormous white top cap with fuchsia eyes. Under the cap, he has a little phantom body like a Boo. Cappy can appear as changed caps, including Sombreros. His enormous eyes show up over the entirety of his various appearances.

Powers and capacities

Mario can use Cappy in various manners, including tossing him to vanquish adversaries, bouncing on Cappy as a stage. He can likewise gather coins for Mario when tossed. Cappy can have different living and non-living articles all through the game world. The capacity is officially known as Capture.

Capturing different items permits Mario to scale deterrents, for example, banner posts on structures and electrical cables. Cappy can catch adversaries too, including Pokios, Bullet Bills, and Chef Bros.


Super Mario Odyssey

Cappy is Mario’s principle accomplice in Super Mario Odyssey. Mario can toss Cappy in different manners; a straight up/down shot, a round toss, and a boomerang-like shot. Cappy can likewise be held set up once tossed, so Mario can bounce off of him or hit questions on different occasions. Cappy can help gather things, for example, Coins for Mario, and furthermore harm adversaries.

When tossed at specific foes or items, Cappy appears to “have” them, permitting Mario to control them to get crosswise over stages. This capacity is authoritatively known as “capture“. Cappy can likewise evacuate some noxious dangers off of the ground in regions where a few poisons may obstruct Mario’s way, (for example, the Wooded Kingdom).

When tossed at electrical cables, Cappy permits Mario to change into a bundle of power and ride along the line; this is a significant method of transportation inside the game. Cappy likewise illuminates the player regarding different parts of the game and of the encompassing scene, for example, the nearby money that must be utilized in that world.

Cappy joins Mario so as to protect his sister Tiara, who has been seized by Bowser alongside Princess Peach. He is “vivacious yet somewhat tentative.” Cappy is likewise constrained by player two when in center mode.

Non-authoritative appearances

Non-ordinance warning: This article or segment contains non-canonical data that isn’t viewed as an official piece of the Mario arrangement or potentially isn’t viewed as a major aspect of the arrangement’s general storyline.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Cappy showed up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Cappy’s eyes will open if Mario side insults. Furthermore, he shows up as a cap for the Mii Fighters. Cappy shows up as a help soul, his capacity with a “Solid Throw”, references Mario tossing him in Odyssey.



Cappy’s standard form

Profile picture work of art of Cappy

Cappy as Mario’s hat

Mario tossing Cappy

Cappy catching a Goomba

Cappy catching a Bullet Bill

Mario and Cappy in the Sand Kingdom.

Mario and Cappy’s First Meeting.

Cappy vehicle stickers.

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