So Long Beer Bong!

Chug two lagers in two seconds with this monster brew syringe

You control how quick or moderate you drink

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So long brew bong! Here comes the BierStick.

With the BierStick, you can Chug up to 24 ounces of brew in under two seconds.

The Bierstick is created from excellent FDA endorsed materials. Its strong, conservative plan makes it extremely careful — sufficiently little to fit in a rucksack. The rubbing fit mouthpiece takes into account simple filling and cleaning, leaving zero chaos. On the off chance that you want to drink, you haven’t seen anything yet!

The BierStick resembles a mammoth syringe however is intended for drinking lager incredibly fast.

It is very easy to use:

1) Remove the mouthpiece and force the plunger right back to the finish of the BierStick, considering the cavity to be filled.
2) Fill the hole with up to 24 oz of lager. (We would suggest not exactly 24 oz. the initial not many occasions of utilizing the Bierstick to see how it functions and your limit.)
3) When you are prepared to drink, place your mouth on the mouthpiece and the plunger end on a strong surface. We would propose a divider or a vehicle to begin. When you have utilized the BierStick a couple of times, you can utilize your hand if your arm is that long and you are sufficiently able to discourage the plunger.
4) Drink as quick as you want

The BierStick is one of a kind in that you control the progression of fluid. With brew bongs, gravity controls the stream. The Bierstick you can go as quick or delayed as you prefer. This maintains a strategic distance from the muddled tidy up and more awful, misuse of brew for those that attempt to lager bong and can not stay aware of the stream being constrained by gravity.

The BierStick is made in the USA and is licensed (US Patent No. D593,801 S)

Here is a video to show you the highlights and advantages of the Bierstick and how to utilize it.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 2 × 2 in

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