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The world was hanging tight for a contraption that tended to one of humanity’s most squeezing needs – how to drink brew quicker. The hold up is finished, on the grounds that Bierstick is here!

This mammoth syringe can convey 24 ounces of fluid to the back of your throat in two seconds level. Okalie dokalie. It flaunts an erosion fit mouthpiece that leaves no chaos, at any rate as you drink. What happens a short time later is impossible to say. Also, it’s sufficiently little to fit into a knapsack. You load the Bierstick with brew (you are cautioned NOT to utilize some other mixed refreshment) and put the business end in your mouth. At that point you prop the plunger end against a divider and incline toward it to shoot lager into your mouth at a high pace of volume. Remember to swallow, or your cheeks may explode.

Are parties actually so short nowadays that it’s essential to drink that fast?â  I surmise in this way, in light of the fact that the Bierstick is as of now sold out. You can in any case observe some meagerly clad models at the site. On the other hand, this may very well be a path around having to really taste the stuff, where case you should redesign your image. In the event that you’ve just gotten one and are pondering whether it’s sheltered to utilize, at that point you haven’t thought this entirely through. The organization has a page of disclaimers, with a somewhat extensive rundown of potential events they do not need to be liable for. The Bierstick retails for $19.95 in addition to charge and shipping.

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