BierStick – God’s Gift to Drunkards

Recently we got an opportunity to audit an extraordinary new drinking item, the BierStick. For those that have never observed one it’s essentially an enormous plastic syringe used to rocket drinks into your face at noteworthy rates. Which really goes down a ton smoother than you’d expect.

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As far as kicking the gathering off goes, there’s actually no challenge to this syringe. You’ll be stunned at exactly how powerful and easy it is to utilize this item. They likewise have a online store with a lot of different adornments and everything from garments to headache cures.

How to Use the BierStick

There is a minor piece of arrangement before the BierStick can be utilized, yet it just takes a second and is effectively clarified in the little guidance booklet that accompanies it.

Just snatch some cooking splash, (any sort of palatable oil will do) and oil the O-Rings and within the cylinder. At that point set up the two cylinders together and you’re ready. Ensure that the O-Rings remained in place.

Then fly off the mouth piece, load up with brew, push out the air/froth and you’re prepared for the enjoyable to begin.

To devour the lager it’s presumably best to simply hold the stick on a level plane against a divider and push towards it. Or on the other hand then again you can simply utilize your other hand, which looks way cooler yet it to some degree harder to operate.

BierStick Review

When first displaying this huge overwhelming item to a gathering of companions I was met with two unmistakable kinds of responses. “Why in the world would I do that?” and “Damnation better believe it!”. Obviously before the night’s over everybody was ready for this superb device.

Being the person who carried this splendid plan to the table in any case, I was entrusted with the primary chug. Not going to lie it was entirely overwhelming. However, after all was said and done, it went down so extraordinarily smooth and was effectively the snappiest I had ever brought down a lager in my life.

From there everybody was doing it and it was entirely simple. Needed to re oil it a few times yet that was simple. I figure this item can supplant the advanced lager bong since it essentially does likewise work however better.

It’s essential to take note of that the Bierstick is to be utilized at your own hazard. It ought to be anything but difficult to perceive any reason why this can prompt the over-utilization of liquor and ought to be utilized with caution.


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