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Hello, my variant of infant Groot from the up and coming blockbuster film “Watchmen of the Galaxy 2”. The model looks like the child groots appearance in the trailers of the movie.

I prescribe utilizing the high detail variant to catch every one of the subtleties I put on. Yet, on the off chance that your slicer solidifies/crashes, utilize low detail form, as the high detail rendition has a few million polygons and requires more RAM/figuring capacity to be cut. There are 2 forms of the model, one with overflow and one without overflow. Utilize the variant with the overflow for better grip. You should expel the overflow after print to amass it. Last thing: The model might be pivoted once imported. That is on the grounds that Zbrush takes Y-facilitate to be the up-course. Remember it to pivot by 90 as in the photographs. Glad printing.

Post update: Uploaded a non-isolated form as certain clients needed (tallness 15cm, untested, ought to be printed fine).

(Edit 3): As numerous individuals wishes per pm, I included the waving variant (Tested and printed fine).

(Alter 4): I got a remark on the waving variant and am told, that one hand is littler that the other, and a Thingiverse client Devine ( was caring to send me a fixed rendition. I myself didn’t test it, however it ought to have tended to the above issue, in addition to this form has less polygons to tackle some stacking issue on feeble machines. The record name is “Groot deferring fixed 1.stl”.

Printer Brand:



MakerBot Replicator


Doesn’t Matter




Does not so much matter.




Some clients revealed issues for utilizing not exactly 20% infill. 20% prints fine.

A photograph of the printed model.

A PC rendered picture of the front.

A PC rendered picture of the back.


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