Abusive Balloons – X14 High Quality Hilarious Birthday Balloons. £5.99

Very content with these balloons.

The box says there are seven distinct sentences composed on the inflatables so I expected that there were 7 inflatables in the bundle, yet there is really 14 (two of each expression), which is great incentive for cash I think. They are great quality inflatables as well, thick and none of them had a gap in and none popped. They all exploded fine (however I utilized an inflatable siphon). They kept awake for a 10 days before beginning to deflate.

I got them for my siblings 25th birthday and he totally adored them. Everybody who saw them snickered as well and promptly began perusing them all and they got a great deal of praises and inquiries concerning where I got them. They would be useful for any birthday festivities and are appropriate for family assembling as they don’t have swearing on them and are not possibly hostile like some other oppressive balloon’s, these are simply really interesting expressions reasonable for everyone.

I’d joyfully purchase these again.


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