5 Best Nerf Sniper (Nov. 2019) – Reviews & Buying Guide

What are the main assets of a nerf sniper gun?

A decent nerf sniper gun should first and foremost be able to fire at an extended range (at least over 30 feet) otherwise what’s the point? The fun of warring with nerf guns is that different guns come with different perks, such as some guns being better at close range while others should be shot at a distance.

Another asset that is a must: ammunition. Nerf sniper guns are designed to give the shooter a stealthy edge from their hiding spot or high-up vantage point, but this edge only lasts so long as you continue having ammunition to shoot. For guns on our list with a limited number of darts or discs, such as the far-shooting Nerf Vortex Vigilon, consider buying extra ammunition at the same time as purchase.

As far as nerf war games go, there are many rules and many ways of play; some families and friends will even split a house into sections (or floors) where the goal is to break into the enemy’s base and take over. However, nerf snipers are best used in outside warfare; a great outside nerf game is capture the flag (with the rule that when you get shot you go to prison).

How to choose a proper nerf sniper gun for kids and adult

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Although we hate limiting your fun, you really should stick to age ranges listed for each nerf sniper gun, especially for the disc-shooting guns. For kids 8+ who can use almost all of these nerf snipers, consider guns which are more size-appropriate and will fit comfortably in their hand or gripped in both hands.

Also consider guns which don’t have to be loaded too frequently, because some kids can jam and break their nerf guns with improper loading. For adults, choose the gun with the most accuracy rather than the most distance; at your age hitting a target every time will be more important than shooting far or shooting quickly.

Also, you might want to consider guns which have an extended magazine/extra ammo, that way you won’t be reloading all the time during a serious battle.

Tips on equipping yourself for the fight

First and foremost, gather all your gear for the fight. Most people think all they need for a battle is a gun, but your sniper rifle is just one part of a bigger picture. First, you can always equip your gun and make it better, and that’s as easy as adding a sling (for easy carrying) and purchasing a great stock of accustrike darts.

‘Longshot’ nerf guns usually also work on a plunger system that’s easy to modify for farther and faster shooting – consider the Nerf Vortex Vigilon, it has a torsion spring which can easily be switched out for a stronger and tighter version that improves the gun. Another great idea is to have a secondary gun on you; one for longer distance and one for closer proximity shooting.

Equip yourself with eyeglasses or sunglasses because accidental eye shots can not only put you out of commission for a bit, but can actually do longer-lasting damage to your retinas. Other armor’s like under armor, carboard makeshift armor, knee and shoulder pads, are great additions to make you more impervious to rapid fire strikes.

Although this is overkill for some shooters, you might even consider buying a ghillie suit so that you blend in with your surroundings while sniping. Last but not least, prepare yourself by running and exercising; nerf wars will test your running, dodging, climbing, and other athletic abilities.

Strategy on playing for the sniper

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The sniper is like a ninja with a gun – he is the agent of stealth – and remaining hidden is one of the most important parts of accurate sniping. Therefore, if you’re your team’s sniper you should never be completely out in the open, insides you should have concealment at all times (although still be ready to move easily and escape). Typical places are on rooftops, hidden in the bushes, perched in grass at the top of a hill, etcetera. Make sure this hiding spot as a great cover for entering and exiting at all times; if found, always carry a close-range backup gun. Next, understand that nerf darts are easily affected by the wind – it will mess up the speed and trajectory of every shot – so always have your shot durned at least 20 degrees in the opposite direction of the wind.

Waiting is going to be one of the most frustrating parts of being the sniper, because you’ll need to wait until a target shows up (and they might be hiding also) and then you need to get that target in range and in your sights. If its more than one person you might have a problem, especially if they’re at a distance or at different distances from each other. Distance and range are very important factors to consider, and as a sniper you should rarely fire for a shot at the full range of your guns listed distance (say 75 feet away); instead you should wait until your target is comes a half or a third of that distance toward you. Breathe in quietly, take aim, remember about the wind, load your blaster, and then slowly take the shot. Confirm the shot and escape if your enemy knows where you are.

Safety comes first

Rule of thumb while playing with nerf guns: never aim for a person eye. Better yet, don’t ever aim at a person’s face. The most damage that can typically be done by a nerf gun is to the eyes, and you can cause permanent damage. Also understand that disc ammunition is harder than dart ammunition; disc ammunition can even break windows or picture frames if you hit the glass just right and you’re not careful.

Don’t ever shoot at small children or animals, first because they could very easily eat the ammunition and start choking, and second because they aren’t as strong as adults or teenagers and they don’t know how to dodge or protect themselves. If you run out of ammo, never hit someone with your gun rather than reloading, instead decide to retreat and live to fight another day.

Features to consider while choosing a nerf sniper blaster

Many of the following features were briefly mentioned in the descriptions of each product, here they are further discussed and explained. We even give examples of guns which best represent each nerf sniper feature.


Typically nerf guns are designed for kids, and thus the weight matters aren’t as important for adults but certainly applicable for 8-year-olds. For instance, some guns weigh as much as 5 pounds, which means your little one will probably holding it with both hands rather than one hand. If they’d rather the freedom of single-handed shooting, or having dual pistols, then you should consider nerf guns which are only 3 pounds a piece (etcetera). One of the longest and heaviest guns on our list is the Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster, and although this is listed for 8-years and up, there are some 8-year-olds who will have a hard time lifting this gun and running around with it. Our lightest gun by comparison, is the Nerf Vortex Vigilon at only 1.5 pounds.


You’ll rarely find nerf guns which fire over 15-20 shots at a time, in fact two of the guns on our list fire under 10 rounds before they’re empty. For ammunition purposes you’ll want to consider buying extra ammo to keep with you in a pouch while battling your friends and family, or you should get a gun like the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 – fires 18 darts and can shoot them in under 6 seconds – or the Nerf Vortex Revonix 360 which has 30 total loadable discs. Another option is to keep another loaded sidearm with you.


Long range and short range will matter very much as a ‘sniper-type player’. Mostly you’ll be going for long range shots and so you’ll want weapons which at least fire up to thirty feet or more. Our longest ranged gun, firing at over 100 feet, is the Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster. However, sometimes you’ll want a combination of long-range ability with short range accuracy, something like the Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18 would work perfectly.


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For long-range shooting accuracy is crucial, but unfortunately nerf sniper guns aren’t well known for their perfect accuracy. Almost all the guns on our list will do the job, but accuracy at long range mostly depends on when you take the shot. For the best accuracy never take a shot at maximum range – for example if your target is at 75 feet away and you’re using the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 – instead wait till your target closes in a little more (say 50 feet away) and then take a more accurate shot.

Customization options

Many people get into nerf guns just because they love modding with them! These custom changes not only improve the looks of each gun, but can also often improve their range, accuracy, and amount of loadable ammunition. For you modders out there, the most customizable guns are going to be the ones with removable parts as well as N-Strike rails to support fixes and attachments (like a scope attachment). Two guns with N-Strike rails are the Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster and Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18. One of the most customizable guns on our list is also the Nerf Vortex Vigilon which we know has replaceable parts.


As mentioned before, the weight may affect usability for different age groups. Other weight factors are going to be how the gun feels in your hand and whether or not the trigger is comfortable to pull while held in one or two hands.

Single shot vs rapid fire

This preference may depend entirely on the sniper; some snipers may not actually want rapid fire devices because these are louder and while constantly shooting can give the snipers hiding spot away. Guns like the Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster will give a sniper a bit more control and secrecy between each fired dart, and that truly is the mark of a sniper. However, rapid-fire guns can still shoot their ammunition at long distances and they’ll do more constant damage; consider the Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18 which can fire 18 darts in under 6 seconds.

Appropriate age


Listed age ranges vary, but typically they are 8-years and up. Our one gun which is 5-years and up is the Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18. These listed age ranges should be observed for the most safety as well as for maximum usability of the product. In our opinion there is no maximum age range so long as you’re having fun! Many adults buy nerf guns as collectible items, they also often buy them to make powerful modifications, and many still fight in leagues and clubs against other local teams.

Darts and disks

Typically, the ammunition used are lightweight foam darts with thicker rubber tips (sometimes these even stick to things), however in recent years we’ve see nerf coming out with foam balls that shoot as well as thin plastic and rubber discs. Discs are more of a worry because they’re harder and fly faster; the Nerf Vortex Revonix 360 has 30 discs that it can shoot up to 65 feet. Most darts are around the same size, though always check the instructions which come with your sniper rifle because darts won’t always be ‘one size fits all’.


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