25 Completely Bizarre Fortune Cookie Messages

Fortune treats will in general have a 50:50 fulfilling to-frustrating proportion.

Sometimes, you’ll get a treat that is stale, wet and clearly past its lapse date. What’s generally disillusioning, however, is the point at which your fortune — a term that, for this post, we’ll be utilizing freely — is not so much persuasive but rather more … you know .. WTF-y.

A fast Twitter search of the hashtag “#fortunecookie” uncovered incalculable photographs of fortunes that left clients feeling a little duped. Look through probably the most unusual underneath.

Have you at any point aired out an odd, mean or frightening fortune? Offer your best ones in the remarks.

Hear ya on that one, man.

Dammit! I was going to watch the game on TiVo after dinner!

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